Product suggestions

Product Suggestions (1)
Allow Multiple Subscribition Frequency in a single day instead of just 1 (1)
Can you make the alert icon actually show the smiley face instead of! (1)
Admin Emulation Mode (1)
Posting of Zero Value Rebates (3)
Keep Subtotals on Nested Tables (1)
Workday period choice (3)
Dashboard Criteria Screen issue (1)
Subscriptions working week or tick function (3)
Setting Subscriptions for Future Dates and Times (2)
Show Others - With widget Top/Bottom feature (2)
Export option on dashboard widget (3)
"Select/Deselect All" in Select Screen (1)
Order Count not Dynamic (3)
Lock Dashboard Layout option for users who have Manage Dashboards selected in Permissions (5)
Easier way of pausing builds (5)
Easier Dashboard & Favourites Sharing (3)
Nested function in sales analysis (2)
Add Description Field for Upload file (2)
Enhanced Matrix reporting (4)
Create a "Button" Mode for graphs (5)
KPI Arrows rather than smileys (5)
Nice To Have: Visual Improvement - Databases assigned to folders (3)
Colour in charts (4)
Date Last Opened (7)
Alerts with Subscriptions Request (2)
Distinct Count Requirement (2)
Dashboard Group Of Lines (4)
Hiding the Search box on a Widget (3)