New Phocas Homepage

Hi Everyone,

we are hoping to create a new and exciting homepage for Phocas, that is better organised, as well as more performant than the current page we have now.

The first iteration will be launched on the 18th of April, and we are looking to get your feedback on how we can make it better.

Please use this topic to provide us with your feedback

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Hi @Riasat ,

Now more of the home page has opened up I have started looking into this in a bit more detail. My Observations:

  1. Takes a while to load each section.
    Was expecting this to be pretty quick, but clicking on each section “Recents”,“My Section”, “Shared with me” are taking up to a minute to populate. Afterwards, you can jump from one section to another quickly. But when you go into a dashboard and back out we have to wait for the home page to load again. Overall, much slower than the classic home page.
  2. Clicking on one of the more demanding dashboards still takes a while for the home page to transition to the home page. Was expecting it to jump to the dashboard straight away and then widgets load.
  3. Last updated.
    Regarding dashboards, is this when the dashboard was last changed? If so, not sure what benefit this would have for the end user. Would be better to have last updated data date. If the dashboard is a mix of DB’s just have the max date.
  4. Last Opened.
    Just clarification, is this when I last opened or last opened by anyone? Suspect its me (this is how you work out recent I suppose).

Are they coming soon?
Things missing from current options.

  1. Sharing/Deleting/Set as Home page - Will these options be appearing as the development continues?
  2. Folders - Will they appear? Currently we have a mass of everything and difficult to find/group by


Hi @JonKemp ,

Thank you for sending through your feedback.

  1. We are working on improving the performance now that the structure is in place (that idea of how we are loading users, once its in place, i’ll let you know, and get your feedback)
  2. With the above point, we are also ensuring that the page will allow loading of subsequent pages (dashboard) quick than it is now.
  3. Last updated - great suggestion; we had the converse come up in discussions, where last updated was vital for some organisations, (who have multiple changing dashboards); but your suggestion of last sync/data update is great one.
  4. Last opened is by the user observing (you)

Coming Soon:

  1. Yes; these features are coming soon; we have a few concepts we are playing with in this space, we might try a few out and get your feedback and see what works best.
  2. Folders are coming soon as well

Thanks again for all your help Jon,


Hi Riaz,

The new homepage is looking nice so far! A few other things besides what Jon mentioned:

  1. Search bar
  2. Subscribe button
  3. It would be great to quickly Filter on any of the column headings (similar to how you can Filter on Excel in a table). This could be available for things like Owner, Database, and Folder. Or a function similar to what is used in the CRM tool for Activities (all the drop-downs across the top to filter)