Parent & Child Ranges

One issue we always face is that if I have a custom report where i’m trying to show both Yesterday and Month to date, I can set both ranges to work independently as “Yesterday” and “Current Month”.

However if I run the report on the 1st August I would get 31st July in the Yesterday part and 1st August as the Current Month.

If I build the report today as Previous Month to make it work, tomorrow I’ll get 1st August in the Yesterday section but July in the Month section.

Systems I’ve used in the past allow you to pick Yesterday as the base, but then use Parent as the basis of the filter. Hence I could say use Yesterday but go up a level to Month and use that month, rather than forcing to a fixed Current or Previous.

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@StuartH why is showing yesterday 31st July and MTD 1st August a problem? So you would like a “yesterday in current month” option where it returns today if today is the first of the month?

Actually the opposite, I always want yesterday, but I want month to date to be the current month when yesterday and current month are the same month. If yesterday was the last day of last month, I want the whole of last month as the month to date

Hi @StuartH, I think I understand. It’s not something I’ve come across before. I’ll log a suggestion and gather interest however I think it’s unlikely that this will be developed.

That’s a shame, I’m sure others have a a similar requirement - maybe there is a work around I’m missing. I run into something similar when I’m dealing with budgeted data. At the beginning of a new quarter, I want the new quarter’s information to display, but it won’t display currently on the first day of the quarter for a quarter-to-date measure, because I have that set up as “1st day of the quarter to yesterday” for both budgeted and actual. So, to display the budgeted goals correctly, I have to go into seven separate dashboards and change settings to “today” just for one day to display budgeted data correctly, then go back in the next day to change all seven dashboards back to “1st of the quarter to yesterday”. There are definitely higher priority things to be developed, but it is a bit of an annoyance to do that double work.