Allow Multiple Subscribition Frequency in a single day instead of just 1


Our company would like to use the subscribe feature of the product but we would need the ability to have be able to push out multiple times in a single day not just daily. We are thinking replacing our legacy alert system with this product.


Hi @RandyDelp. We currently have subscription improvements on our roadmap. One improvement is the ability for a user to receive a subscription when the database is updated. That sounds like it will cover your requirement.

Can you please provide a little information on your environment?

  1. What are your users are receiving multiple times a day?
  2. What other alerts does your legacy alert system send out?


We used Alerts in the organization to keep us up to date with what is going on in the system.

Such things as customer on credit hold for more the 30 minutes to sales order entered with gp less than 10%.

Does that help?

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@RandyDelp another consideration is how frequently you are rebuilding your databases. To get the type of “near-real-time” needed for those types of alerts, you would have to be rebuilding your databases on a very frequent interval. Depending on the size of you database and respective sync and build times, this may not be easily achieved. You may have to look at having a specialized, small database, with a very small snapshot of recent data that could be synced and built in a very small window.


Yes @RandyDelp that has helped. We also might be touching on this functionality as part of dashboard improvements which we’re looking to add to the roadmap. We’re considering things like live databases and better in product alerts and notifications.