Dimension link to database

Can you link from a dimension to a database in transaction mode? If so what is the syntax?

Also is there a way to specify what properties should be shown?

Yes, you can. The syntax is:


You would need to replace the italicized words above with the correct values. The %% represents the dimension value you just clicked. Note, DB Name is case synsative!
So, lets say your in the purchasing database, looking at the product dimension. You want to link over to your sales database, and see all the transactions for that item. Then your syntax for the link might be:


Does that make sense?

You cannot however, specify which properties to display. To do that, you would need to consider creating a favorite with the view you want to see, then linking to that favorite instead of the database.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for that! Would be nice to be able to specify which properties to display in order to reduce clutter in the favorites.

You’re echoing my thoughts there. I had another post about specifying the stream in the link for the same reason! Could be a bit tricky with properties, depending on how many you have. Could make for some very long links.

Yeah, you could end up with long links, but at least you would only have to do it once. The other that could help with that is if they made a way that you could click a button after you have built the report you want, and it would generate the link that you could paste into designer.