Distinct Count Requirement


Hi again,
Sorry for stealing @KPICKLES original post. But thought it was prudent to add this to the product suggestions board.

At the moment there does not appear to be a means of performing distinct counts on dimensional values. Examples of these are total number of customers or number of orders based on what the user has focused on. These requirements are pretty common questions to ask of your data.

I see we have a “Market” mode which does perform a count based on a dimension you select, but is limited to that mode and it serves a specific purpose. This means to get a report the way you want, you need to use “Custom” mode and then loose this count ability.

So I wish to suggest that either at the database design level or in “Custom” mode we have an ability to perform different aggregations based on dimensional value. I believe this would have to be at “Custom” mode due the dynamic nature of the selections.

If there is any clever workarounds for this I would welcome them. All attempts so far have not worked 100% due to user filtering on the database. (i.e. set up a flag on first record of order line, then you can sum it, but if you filter for specific line item you loose the count).

Original post: How to add a count function to measures


Thanks again for your suggestion Jon. We discussed a similar issue just this week, and agree that it is something worth considering for a future product release.