Gannt Chart Needed

Hello All,

Does anyone know how to make a Gannt chart in Phocas? I could really do with one to finish off my report


What sort of data would be used to populate this?

There is no way off the shelf and certainly not coloured etc, however depending on the answer to the above I wonder if there is a way with export to Excel then a macro to colour in populated fields.

We do a lot of project work. All job data is in Sage (start date, end date) etc. We currently have one in smartsheet but would like to channel it all through one system


Yeah, definitely no easy way.

Maybe raise it as a Product Suggestion then with an example screenshot, could be something the developers can look into for future.

yes, thank you. How do i do that? sorry, new to this forum


That’s ok.

Create a New Topic but at just under the subject change the drop down from “Other” to “Product Suggestion”.

This will put it in that category and allow other users to comment etc.

You can paste in images straight into the post and they get auto-uploaded.

awesome, thank you