PUG Conference?

Good morning! Is PUG planning to hold a user conference in 2018?


Hello! @twhitson There will be a Users Conference in Fall - 2018 for our US users. Details will be coming after the new year.

I’m sure our other divisions have plans for the new year also.

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Thanks Tom!

Hi @twhitson we are just in the middle of planning our User Conference for the UK. Planned for April 2018 - it may be a little far to travel (if you are based in the US) but you would be very welcome!

I would love to go the US for a users conference, are there any hints on what month and location it will be held? :smile:

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Hi @twhitson we are just about to commence the planning of the AUS User Conference for 2018. As mentioned by Jess we welcome Phocas Users from near and far, so we shall keep the PUG community posted on the event as dates and locations are confirmed.

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If your company is planning on attending the PUG Conference in 2018, how many users will you send?

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Hints coming in the January newsletter - please be on the lookout!

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Update on the UK user conference - date and location have now been confirmed as Tuesday 1st May taking place in Leicester. More details to follow soon.

More details will be coming out soon! However, dates have been released in our most recent PUG.news Hope to see you in Dallas this coming October!

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Now is your chance to make suggestions for what courses we provide at PUG.Live Dallas! We have our own ideas about what we would like to present, but this is about YOU, our users.

If you have an idea for a topic (that we can cover in an hour or so) please add a reply to this topic with your suggestion, and why it would be important to you. We will review your suggestions and do our best to make sure we have content that you enjoy and benefit from.

All feedback is appreciated! Thank you.


Being an admin and not having done any admin training, if I was at the conference, I would love to have an hour on some advanced admin functions if possible.


I would like to have a class on designing databases. I’ve been dabbling in it with uploading Excel files, creating new streams, etc., but it would be beneficial to get a better feel of everything that is possible within it, and how to use the core functionalities.


I imagine that Phocas will spend time on the database design and toolset, and that will be nice.

Don’t forget the front end. I would like a gallery of reports and dashboards that (hopefully) I can tinker with. Screenshots at the minimum. In circumstances where there was something unusual going on then include a screen shot of the expressions and field definitions required. Also a brief sentence of the value to the contributor. “Helps identify lost inventory” or “tracking these metrics over time improves X” etc.

I would also like these posted to a gallery on line so they are available after the conference. Perhaps there could be a method to share user dashboards and reports on the PUG site where they could be categorized. Categories don’t need to be any more complicated than, Pricing, Sales, Shipping, etc. It would also be good to know what ERP system the contributor uses. Contributions like this would help build your PUG community.

Steve Shuman
Revere Electric Supply


Tom - will there be anything regarding cost to serve/customer profitability at the conference? I think a lot of companies could benefit from learning how to obtain this information.

Hey Tim - absolutely. We plan on having a session specifically for this! We (especially me) are excited to bring this out to the masses.

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Don’t wait to reserve your spot at the PUG! Our early bird registration is closed, and we are closing in our maximum attendee count! Its going to be a great conference, if you are thinking of registering, do it now!