Additional Operators in Design Mode


It would be great to have additional operators in Design mode when filtering streams. For example,
I need to eliminate customers under 90000 which our just internal expenses that have a cost but no resale so it really effects the margin. There should be a less than, greater than at the very least added. Would this be possible?

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@wdavis you can achieve this using Advanced search functionality (Magnifying glass on the top right hand side). and then you can put in the below query:

Thank you for sharing but I need the entire sales stream to exclude customers under 90000. We currently have around 75 users and I don’t want any of them to see those customers.

@wdavis ,
There is a way around this. On the stream in the database designer, create either an Expression or If statement with the requirement you need i.e. IF < 90000 then 1 else 0, then use this new expression on the filter where you would put expression equals 0.

Hope that helps


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