Filter Operators in Advanced Search

Is it possible to add “Greater Than or Equal To” and “Less Than or Equal To” filter operators in the Advanced Search? I’m trying to build a report for my sales team that looks at customers that have $0 or negative sales in a dynamic, but defined period.

Currently, I have to set up an ‘Or’ statement filtering when sales = $0, and another where sales are less than $0. This works great until I need to filter on (or exclude) a specific property value. Since it’s an ‘Or’ type filter, I have to enter a property filter using ‘Or’ against my existing sales filter and I end up with undesirable results .
If I keep just my sales filters in Advanced Search and attempt to exclude the property in grid/table, I’m limited to “Equals ‘XYZ’” or “Like ‘XYZ’”.

Ideally, I would like to have the ability to use both ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ filters in the same Advance Search or be able to manage a filter hierarchy within a report. This probably should be three separate, but related product suggestions. However, having the ability to choose “Less Than or Equal To” on the measure in Advanced Search would solve my roadblock.

Thanks for the consideration

Not sure if this is a long term solution (or if it even works at all) but why don’t you try 'Less than 1" and that will give you all values at 0 and below.

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