Budget Variance calculation not working

We loaded our sales budget worksheet into our sales database and now trying to compare actual to budget. I followed the directions under this link: (https://help.phocassoftware.com/display/userdoc/Example+-+adding+a+variance+column) and my variance comes up with all zeros. It doesn’t seem to be calculating correctly.

Have you tried using the Stream mode to achieve this?

I’ve checked mine and it works the same as yours. Initially try using stream mode, set the first stream to Sales and the second to Budget.

Then you can switch to Custom and view how it did it - it’ll be the same as your test.

Maybe a stupid question but I presume there are definitely sales in the Current Month? Figures not shown in your screenshot.

Yes, definitely sales in the current month. So you are getting zeros as well?

I have not. I’m very new to this and trying to understand the difference between streams (top tabs) and then have the stream, within a stream (does that make sense)?

I figured it out. We had the budget in the invoice stream. I created a new stream and then also made the budget number a “value”. All good now. Thanks

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Glad you got it sorted, I hadn’t even considered you were using database designer to make your own streams.