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My fellow Eclipse users, this is your corner of the forum to discuss ideas, projects, and anything Eclipse and Phocas related. We are all here to help push each other to do great things!


I am one of many users in this User Group that’s forced to deal with the terrible data structures that come out of Eclipse. It’s a B.I. nightmare. Maybe for Halloween we should have people share horror stories of some of the terrible data they’ve seen in their Universe Database in Eclipse. I’ve seen anything makes trying to do B.I. work on it a nightmare. I envy the Phocas user that has an easy SQL based ERP to extract data from.


As a former eclipse user, I can’t say I share that same viewpoint. I had some great instruction on how to dig into the system - Kris Hopkins - @billw Bill Wright - showed me the way. It may be a bit dated now but Universe filled a need.

Instead of calling them horror stories, let’s call them experiences (however painful) we learned from and share how we worked through them.

If I can save someone an hour of stress by sharing how I spent days problem solving then I call that a win!


Eclipse Users - what is the most gratifying bit of data you view in Phocas ? Is it the ability to combine multiple Eclipse files into one dashboard? Is it an inventory report that you can now view in one screen instead of three?
I am curious what is the thing you like most?

For me - it was the ability to combine multiple Fiscal years into a dashboard to compare year/year/year performance, not just current and previous. This allowed me to look for longer term trends and patterns.


As an Eclipse User the Universe Database has it challenges. Once you figure out the data structure it is just another database. With the New Database designer in Phocas creating new databases with data from Eclipse has become a breeze. What took days can be done in hours now.
Some of the things we have done with Phocas is imported the Pricing Matrix for pricing analytics, RF Warehouse for reporting productivity, Sales by Contacts to find what technician is buying/or not, eCommerce Stats from Web Order Entry and other 3rd party vendors, using new Financial database for GL reporting. The List goes on. We found the more data you throw at it the more powerful the tool becomes.


@tallison - Bringing in the WOE and Ecommerce data is excellent - that is more important every day as customers transition to web & mobile ordering.


Does anyone have a returns database in Phocas using order point and minimum and maximum quantity to summarize their returns data? Thank you for your time.

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Hi Tom - Thanks for your questions regarding our most gratifying data views. For me, it is the ability to combine multiple metrics into one dashboard. This not only applies to the standard Eclipse databases (Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, etc.) but also other data sources (whether 3rd party or internal sources). This allows Phocas power users to work across departments to build customized databases and dashboards to provide the most valuable measures for our employees and their departments.

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Good question about a returns database. I would like to know the same.