Change Focus of multiple widgets at once


I am new to using Phocas. I created a dashboard for our sales team where the focus is for only one member. I have ~10 widgets on the dashboard all focused to a specific sales member.

Is there a way to change what all the widgets at once to a different sales member?

I don’t want to have to go change the focus every time I want to see just one member. Id like to just have a different dashboard for each member but going into each widget one at a time to change this seems outdated and there has to be a way to link the focus for a group of widgets.


Hi @Kkurtzke and welcome to PUG!

One possible way to do this, build a generic dashboard with all the information you want from all the sales members, then include a table with all the sales members listed as one of the parts of the dashboard. Now you will be able to select a sales member and click the blue Focus button in the top left and it will filter the entire dashboard for your focused selection.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Shane. I did that first and it works one at a time. If I have sales members on teams to view then I would have to keep selecting everyone on each team every time I wanted to look at that team. Not only that if someone else wanted to check on a team they would have to remember all the members of each time.

You solution does work as a band aid but gets cumbersome in the long run.

Thanks though!


You could create a spreadsheet with the team members and their team names/numbers, upload that spreadsheet and map the team names/numbers as a property. Add a new table along side the sales member table with team names/numbers and then people could filter one aither individuals or teams?

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Another workaround: You could create a separate dashboard for each person by modifying EACH widget, then publish as a web page and supply the URL instead of the report. You should test what they actually see before committing to this workaround. Users can interact with the page (focus/reset/scroll) but cannot do everything. And security is a question – the page will work for anyone with the URL.