Question about Saving/Cloning Filtered Dashboards

Is there a way to clone a filtered dashboard?
For example, I have a dashboard that is dynamically changing when I filter/focus on a sales person but I want to clone this filtered version of the dashboard with all the widgets properly filtered.
Because currently, I am going into each widget and selecting the the appropriate person for the dashboard.

Hi @Tesh, welcome to the Phocas forum :smiley:

From what you are saying, it would seem your dashboards aren’t filtering quite as nicely as you would like?

Normally, Dashboards let all of your widgets be filtered by selecting an item on any one widget, then pressing focus. The main caveat being, that all of the widgets on that dashboard which you want to see change, need to be built from the same database.

Also, I find it best to make sure that I base my primary filter on a dimension, rather than a property. Once, I tried to filter some widgets based on a list which was sourced from a Property instead of a dimension, and the results were a bit weird… :slight_smile:

As to your original question, I don’t think there is a current way to clone a dashboard Inclusive of a filter. The Clone icon in Dashboard, only supports cloning the entire dashboard, without filters as far as I know.

But maybe adjusting your dashboard so the filtering works more “globally”, is a way to get you moving?

Hope you get the results you’re after.

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Hi @Tesh I think what you’re after is the ability to have the same dashboard, but driven by a different sales person - ie filtered for that person? It may be worth considering a link to a dashboard, but set against the sales person from within the sales database. What this means is you can have dashboard that for arguments sake may be designed for a sales person’s performance, but you can link to this straight from the Sales person grouping within the Sales database and pre-filter the dashboard based on your selection of an individual.

If the dashboard is designed in a certain way, all other widgets should inherit the filter applied, which in this case would be the sales person selected.

This does require access to designer, so may not be something you can do unless you are either an administrator, or have had the required training - in which case Phocas could look to do this change for you.

Does that sound along the lines of what you’re after? Please let us know if there are any other questions.



Thanks for the replies. Just to clarify, I do have a dashboard the filters properly based on the sales person. What my goal is to email these filtered dashboard(as an external link because they don’t have excess to phocas) to each of sales person so they can see their numbers only. And it seems like for me to be able to do that I need to create dashboards for each sales person separately and get the external link.

It seems there isn’t a way around from both your answers.
Thank you both again.

Hi Tesh,

With External link, you can add the criteria at the back of the link.

eg: I have the external link for a Dashboard.

I have a Dimension “Sales Rep Trans” and I want the the Dashboard to filter for Code = 4. So, it will be :


Note: %20 = space.

Doing it this way the user still has the ability to click Reset or remove the filter, thus showing the user everything again. I love the idea, but I can’t have the user removing the filter so they see everything…

Unless there is a way to remove the Reset and the remove filter option??

Thank you that does help but as @telam has noted, I do not want them to be able to use the Reset and Focus buttons.

@Tesh @shwu.hua also because the external links never expire - whenever an account manager, salesman, etc leaves the company, the entire external link would have to change and a new link would have to be sent out to xx number of people. I’m not sure they would like updating their bookmark that much.

Futhermore - a savvy user could see the URL filter, edit it and see whatever they wanted… maybe it’s not such a good solution, afterall :frowning:

@Tesh This functionaility is easy to do within Phocas, as long as the user is a Phocas user. Have you considering licensing these users as Viewer only users?

@Tesh You can set restrictions on a per user basis. But like @aaron.roma said - the users would all need to have at least a viewer license in order to do this. See this link for details: Property Specific Permissions

I know this is way out of topic but since the group discussion is about cloning dashboards. Would there be additional features in the future to cut, copy and paste widgets from an old dashboards to a new one. I just thought it will be faster when creating a dashboards if it’s available.

@Jeriel Just in case you weren’t aware, you can do this to a degree now. It’s a bit more manual then just straight up copy and paste, but it will keep you from having to recreate a widget. Go to the original dashboard. Click on the “Analyze” button on the widget you wish to copy. Once it’s called up, click the “Star” button, then “Add To Dashboard” and add it to the new dashboard.

Thank you very much Aaron, cheers

Jeriel Gangoso