Colour in charts


I was wondering if it could be possible for user to assign colour to data when creating charts? I use multiple charts for same data on one dashboard and being able to assign same colour to same data would make it easier to read it.


Hi @Maria - As of now, there isn’t a way to assign specific colors to data points for charts within Phocas.
We have however just mentioned to our development team that this is a feature that will benefit many users and they are considering adding this feature in our next major version release.


Thanks for your suggestion Maria. We’ve actually got a feature coming up that might help. In the next minor release (7.5), chart colours will be consistent across dashboards. For example, if the ‘north’ region appears on multiple widgets/charts on your dashboard, it will be the same colour on all of these widgets/charts.

So although this feature won’t allow you to assign a specific colour to data, we hope that it will make dashboards easier to read.


Thank you @Tim.Leonard, that would be perfect!