Apply colour schemes to charts

I have had multiple requests from within my business to be able to use brand colours on dashboards/charts/FS

I have seen other sites you can set colour palettes based on rgb/Hex codes is this something that could be implemented?

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Would love to have this as an option, not only for branding but we also have users which are colorblind, so this would be helpful for accessibility purposes.

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Hello @phil.hornsby and @oliver.fleming - thank you for sharing your thoughts about charting and color combinations. Our product and design teams have been spending time in this area and there has been priority on updated color palates (some that will align nicely with your team colors Phil) and monochrome updates to improve contrast and visibility for those with different needs as you outlined Oliver. I don’t have a specific timeline I can provide, but I can say - its coming, and we would love your feedback on the improvements when they are released.