Control background color and font for lines

Dashboards with many widgets get complicated and hard to read. If we had the ability to add background color to lines and control the font color and size that would be helpful. Minor request but would help make the dashboard more readable and professional. We use a couple of BI systems here, and dashboards from those other systems look significantly better and are easier to read and interact with.

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I have pasted an image of a portion of a dashboard with many minimized tables. Just for illustration I have highlighted some of the lines to demonstrate how background color would improve a section used as a heading.

By the way, we tried to use minimized widgets in a line configured to display as “stacked” but in that config the width of the widgets must be specified, and users on small screens cannot see the + expand button off on the right, so this
is our workaround.

Hi @Steve_Shuman, thank you for your suggestion. I’ve logged it in our system. We’re looking to improve dashboards for reporting and wall boarding so this could be included in that work.

Have you tried the “equal width” layout option? I’m not sure if that may help with users on small screens. We also have a “flex” layout option coming out next release which could also help with this. Although for most small screens widgets go to being stacked and 100% width. I’ll investigate if there is a bug with what you’re seeing.

Yes – we tried the equal width layout and use it in some areas.

Steve Shuman

We also have a need to beable to change font size - we have a need to display a dashboard on a big screen in the office but the font size of the summary view make this impossible to read from across the room - the flex layout only increases the size of the box the figure is in rather than increasing the font size