Table of Contents (lines) on a dashboard

With our dashboards, there can be up to 13 lines which cause a lot of scrolling up and down. I have a suggestion that would be reasonably easy to develop but would be a good quality of life improvement.

If the toolbar at the top had a menu of lines, it would make jumping up and down very easy for our users.

Dashboard has 13 lines, user is currently on line 12 (product details) but needs to jump line 6 after focusing on a specific product. Rather than scrolling up and down, the user would simply click on the menu of table of contents and it would jump you to that section.

User is on Line 12

User selects table of contents Icon and selects line 6 - Total Sales

The user is then jumped to that line.

The above can be achieved with basic HTML encoding on each line with the ā€œ#ā€ bookmark option. This would make for a more slicker interface for traversing dashboards.

Let me know what you think.




This is perfect! Must have!

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Agreed. Also ā€“ you can use the collapse (minimize on open) to accomplish something similar. Widget reruns when opened so might have a speed impact.


@Steve_Shuman, I do agree that widgets can be minimised on open, but I dont want users having to keep opening widgets; rather they can traverse quicker around the dash. However, on your train of thought, I did suggest something quite a while ago which was to minimise lines, which would have been a lot easier, also would reduce performance impact.

Here is the post I made: Dashboard Group Of Lines

I like the previous idea, but think if i had to chose iā€™d go for this current suggestion - both would be useful in certain situations though.

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Both great suggestions. I would also prefer to see this current suggestion. I think it would make navigating dashboards easier without having to remember to minimize/maximize lines.

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