Dashboard VERY slow to load

Wondering if the amount of lines on a dashboard will contribute to the slowness of loading? Every day I open Phocas and go to my dashboard and have to wait sometimes upwards of an hour before it actually works! Is there anyone who can advise? We live by our data in these forms and I do not want to have to split the dashboards if I can avoid it, thanks!

Hi @ShirleyFVG,

With regard performance of the dashboard. Number of lines is not so much the impact it is more likely the number of widgets and type of widget. Items I have noticed that will slow down results is map charts or any widget which has to compute at a granular level (including transaction mode).

I don’t know how many widgets (and types) you have on your dashboard, so I can only discuss what I have experienced.

I opted to adjust some of the widgets not to be visible by default, this will speed up rendering time. For example the map widget only really needs to be present once you have selected a customer rather than ALL customers to start with. You do this here:

I would also recommend that you look at splitting up the dashboard into perhaps 2 or 3 dashboards. For example our original sales dashboard was overloaded with over 120 widgets. I opted to adjust this into 3 dashboards of:
Customer Analysis
SKU Analysis.

To mitigate the user getting lost I added at the top of each dashboard a menu icon (using the text widget) with links to the other dashboards:

These steps have worked well for my client, there is however performance issues still but a far more manageable level that the hour you have stated.

Hope this helps,


Many thanks Jon! I have had to move some widgets to a new dashboard - it is slightly quicker! not much but a bit! Cheers Shirley

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I have now been advised that the browser is the issue! If you are using Chrome there is a known issue which an update should fix once I have this actioned! In the meantime I have used Firefox and the speed is super speedy!!