Dashboard: Bugs and Performance Issues with Google Chrome

Hello everyone,

Ever since the new release of Phocas (8.0.10). I’ve been experiencing a significant response delay whenever I try to click and focus in my dashboards. Furthermore, there’s also an issue with the Bullet chart where we’re missing some visual aspects.

I am using Google Chrome Version 80.0.3987.116 (Official Build) (64-bit) and I was wondering if I’m the only one having this problem. The bugs and performance issues only affect Google Chrome as I tested this on Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox and there was no issue.

Thank you!



Yes! Had tickets coming in on our Phocas Implementation regarding bullet charts. I found opening in IE worked but Chrome just showed the box as per your image. Telling my users to switch to IE as a workaround (which is terrible :frowning: )

Hi @Tim.Leonard is this on Phocas’s radar at all?

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I’m having the same issues, especially with the bullet graphs. I hope Phocas is on this.

One of my dashboards which has the bullet chart at the top and then a whole bunch of line graphs using stream to compare actuals to budget has been horrendous since the last update, it is literally a click and walk away dashboard now as it locks up my whole Chrome.

Even after taking an eternity to load the bullet chart appears as yours does above. Hoping they are going to fix it in the near future.

I’m also steadily getting more requests from users that are having Bullet graph problems. IE and Edge display them but they also don’t show mapping correctly, so our sales team is switching between browsers atm.

Fingers crossed for a fix soon!

Looks like the latest update on the weekend didn’t address this issue :interrobang: