Problem printing dashboards using Edge

As Windows 10 is now our major software, Edge is also the obvious choice. I have been using Edge with Phocas for some months without issues, but recently found one. Can this be looked into please.

If I try to print a dashboard Edge will only display in Preview the contents of the first page. Any subsequent pages will be shown in Preview as blank. This is also how it prints, i.e. data on page 1, pages 2,3 blank. Steps followed;

  1. Open dashboard
  2. Wait for all widgets to load
  3. Click Print icon
  4. Wait for Print Tab to open and check all widgets have loaded
  5. Click Print link
  6. Print Preview opens and shows only data on first page
  7. Printing does the same only data from first page



Hi David,

Would you be able to try the above scenario on Google Chrome?

Whilst we try to make Phocas compatible with as many browsers as possible, Google Chrome is our recommended browser and the one for which we try to ensure Phocas works without issue.

Phocas will work to an extent on the others, but there may be issues such as those you’ve come across depending on the version in use etc.

Please see the following for our list of system requirements, including supported browsers, listed under ‘Client Requirements’;



Hi Lee

Thanks for the quick response

It works fine in Chrome, and that is the communicated fix. The issue for me is that it should also work Edge, as it is the main Microsoft default browser for all of our Laptops and PCs. This is the only issue I have found with using Edge with Phocas. All other functionalities seem to work okay. I have attached a couple of screen shots as I could not get the image upload to work in the forum (and yes I was using Chrome J )

Kind regards


Microsoft announced in December that they were dropping their own ‘Edge’ browser technology and replacing it with Chromium - the engine behind Google Chrome.

Hopefully, that will resolve all of the usability issues Edge users currently endure.