Enhanced External Link Print/Download Functionality


I appreciate that external links is a new feature and a good one. We are running into some issues where the end user would like to print or download the Phocas report into Excel but the external link function only allows a print screen like print option.

It would be great to have better printing and excel download capabilities from an external link.


Agreed. This should be a standard function with Phocas. I found and am using the following application to accomplish this until we have this ability within Phocas. http://www.faststone.org/FSCaptureDetail.htm


Hi @alegg, I’ve logged your suggestion in our system. Due to the differing security requirements of each business, I think this would need to be an option.

Are your users mainly trying to print favourites or dashboards?


Thanks for looking at this Will. My users are mainly trying to print favourites.


Just a quick note on the external links feature. External links are available to unlicensed users, and therefore have limited functionality. Licensed full users of Phocas have the ability to print favourites and dashboards.