Printing Dashboards

Hello! I created dashboards for our salesmen on goal product lines and customers. Each dashboard contains several lines that includes a progress gauge. Our Management Team is a bit old school and still like to see things on paper. I know that dashboards don’t always print correctly, so I wasn’t surprised that we had a bit of an issue. On our printout everything printed except for an occassional progress gauge. At first I thought that it was just the first line’s progress gauge that did not print. I delete and recreated it, but it still not show up to print. I added a blank line above the first line, thinking that might help, but it didn’t. After printing additional dashboards it is not always that first line’s progress gauge that doesn’t print, but there is always a progress gauge missing somewhere on the printout. Everything else prints. Any suggestions on how to get the whole dashboard to print? Thank you so much!

I don’t believe you can print a dashboard, but it would be a good functionality add. Maybe add it to the suggested enhancements section?

@PMMABR Does the issue happen when you export as PDF? Thinking you could export first then print as a workaround?

Thank you. You can print, but there are issues. I am just wondering if there are ways around the issues. Thanks!

Thank you! I just checked and there is no export button. I know that there is one when I do a worksheet, but this has graphs. It is the graphs that we have an issue with. With each dashboard there seems to be one that doesn’t print. It is not the same graph in each dashboard. Thanks for answering!

Sorry, I meant go to Print and then Print to PDF, yeah you are right there is no export for Dashboards.

I just tried and I don’t have a print to pdf. However, instead of clicking on the print button, I right clicked on the mouse and clicked print. All of the graphs printed! I tried the print button, and again not all of the graphs printed. So to get around it, just right click and print! Thank you!!!