Sales Dashboard



Does anyone have any ideas of some report types to use for a sales dashboard that sales associates can use to reference daily and track goals? - If you can list of the reports you have set up on a dashboard that would be great.

Goal pace over time

We have set these up to display on 55 inch Smart TV’s in our 6 Branches across Australia

It is a quick snap shot of our daily margin and sales performances against budget which is helpful for all our staff to know how the business is tracking.

I have removed some information on the dashboard, so if you want more information let me know! :slight_smile:

Plan by working days vs sales

Have a question about your dashboard that may be instrumental in something we are building.

I notice you have budgets broken out daily as we do and it shows you are tracking actuals to budget. Question: Are you able to show a true MTD budget against MTD sales by day? **** Put another way, if you are tracking MTD sales against MTD budget and it is December 9 does your graph show only December 1 - 9?

I will post a similar question on another post, but I am curious how to achieve a MTD comparison.


Thanks - Do you have any data that you show where sales associates can review their performances individually?


Hey mate,

I think this is possible, but didn’t suit the way we wanted our dashboard to look.

Let me know how you get on with it though. :smile:


Hi there,

We are working on getting individual reps customer budgets into Phocas for next financial year (Jan 18 - Dec 18) then I will need to create favourites and dashboards for each rep so they can track their progress to budget so this is in the pipeline, if you have ideas or anything I would love for you bounce them off me, I would gladly be your sounding board.


We use charts and matrices that compare this year’s sales with last year’s. We also have ones that look at the current month’s sales compared to last year’s same month. We also have a dashboard showing credit memos issued to their own individual customers.


Hi Shane - how do you have those two speedometer-looking graphics stacked on the right? Thanks!


On the dashboard line, click edit, then select stacked for the display setting, you might have to play around with the sizing of the widgets to get them to stack how you want and it becomes especially tricky if you are viewing the dashboards on multiple screens, but I always work on a 24 inch monitor so build my dashboards to suit that, luckily most others in our company also have 24 inch monitors.


Quick question @ShaneAngel - in MTD graphs, I find that the ‘Showing top 25 results’ filters out the last few days of the month - have you found a workaround for this?

Great looking dashboards btw.

/Brendan :grinning:


Great question mate, yes we had this issue in the beginning, but a quick email to Phocas Support and they had it resolved within 24 hours.

We also run a last month version of this dashboard and from memory the daily data was only being stored for 30 or 60 days by default so the last month wasn’t showing correctly so they amended the default to 365 days for us too so that both versions of our dashboard would be as we intended.


Hello Shane, thanks for your reply - that’s great.

i’ll get on to my account manager… @Adam.Godfrey.



Hi @Brendan

You’ll see it soon unless you already have, Neil has beaten me to in. He’s changed your summarisation to be 62 days which will give you this month and the month previous in a daily period and then a chart that is limited to 31 rows now the standard 25.

Should be good after the rebuild has finished but if not give me a nudge.



Thanks @Adam.Godfrey.

That’s Phocas Support - back in a flash with the problem sorted.

Thanks again.



This is a reply to old PUG post by Shane Angel. Shane, can you please post what your dashbaord looks like at the beginning of the month?

I circled one of your widgets from your original post.


Hi @Steve_Shuman,

I have also created a last month version of this dashboard for display on the first day of the month;


Hello @JDogg016 - I know it’s a while ago, but did you get the MTD thing sorted?

I puzzled over it for a while, but one of the support guys helped me out - all our Sales Dashboards showed total month… and it is a bit de-motivating not seeing you are over the line until the month-end…!

Just click the settings wheel and there should me a Month to Date checkbox:

As far as I can see, this allows the data you are comparing is matched to the same date in the month as today… giving a clearer picture/comparison.