Bar chart with%


on the website:
is a bar chart with% watching how can i generate this?


How do I have to create my data that this is feasible?
Does the output have to be formatted as Sea Target?


It’s a Bullet Chart as follows:


Best use might be to use a Steam mode and compare Actual Sales vs Budget.

You should then get the Actual Sales as the Budget and the Budget as the outer bar, with the percentage of budget achieved.

You can then use the Reb, Yellow, Green section to highlight where a particular bar is on target, slightly under or critical.

OK, I found the diagram, but it’s gray for me, I can not choose it.


I did not really understand that with the data :frowning:

as it looks like with me:

As a test, just pick the “Stream” mode and pick two related streams (presume you have budgets in?)

You need two streams to do the bullet chart with percentages as the percentage is effectively the variance between the two.

Phocas will grey out any option where the data won’t work with that type of chart. Looking at your custom view you only have one set of data.

You need the actual data, not a percentage calculation.

This what columns using the Stream mode adds:

I have been working with Phocas only recently, please excuse me if I do not understand so much.

Modus = Stream

I can choose the diagram :slight_smile:

Now all I have to do is get out of here I let the period and months show me.

The Stream “Budget” exists. However, if it is still at 0, the days are still recorded, it was said to me.

Presume you have some missing data there, looking at it the bullets will show the sales as expected but you have no budget in for 2018 so it’s not able to calculate the %

Do you have a period with a budget and sales to at least show it working?

Unfortunately, I have not yet registered a budget with me.
I hope that this will come soon.

How can I customize the stream?
If I click Customize under Mode and do not change anything, the chart will not work anymore.

You’ll need to talk to your Phocas developer then, if you haven’t got two streams of related data the report won’t work.

You may also want to discuss custom options such as displaying your budget by daily increments. (An idea we borrowed from members of this forum). If you do that be sure to consider what days you are open for business. In our
case we sometimes process billing on the weekend but we are not open for business, so our sales correctly increments by day but the budget does not increment on weekend days. We load budgets to phocas by the month, and phocas breaks those numbers out by day
in SQL.

Steve Shuman


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I believe even standard Variance mode will let you use the KPI Bullet chart as well. Bullet just needs a comparison, so yes, budget stream is a great example, but year on year, or month on month variances works too.

:slight_smile: Mode: Variance (as long as you have enough data going back in time to compare to.

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The stream budget will be uploaded in the next few days.
When he’s there I’ll test again and play.
I give feedback then.

Hi Steve. We have budgets uploaded by month and have updated the system to reflect our working days. How do get the system to break those monthly budget numbers out by day?

Kathleen Nault


We had Phocas run a SQL command when the budget database builds to break those numbers out by day. It happens in the background on their side.

I don’t know if you can just use what we did though. Below is an example of a goal we set by writer, then we made a custom budget database, and then they put their SQL script on top of that. I would suspect that since the way we configured
our database was custom Phocas may need to make your own script based on your database.

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There is another stream on this and technically there are two ways of doing it.

One is a bit of a workaround in the user doing calculations in the Phocas grid after adding a calendar stream.

The other is as Steve suggests by forcing a SQL procedure to convert the monthly into daily.

You would still need to know what days to divide by for either though - in our case I want working days not calendar days and currently the Phocas Calendar doesn’t make these values available to use.

I’ve sent a huge spreadsheet to @Tim.Leonard to try and help get something more automated developed.

If you don’t have the capability to exclude weekends and holidays from affecting your daily goal numbers then you have a problem. Displaying by all days including non-business days always shows the user is running behind their required
goal pace – so it is counterproductive until the very last day of the month.

We were able to import a calendar into Phocas from our ERP system (Eclipse) that is built to show normal work days and holidays. The SQL script correctly uses the number of actual working days in that month. I believe all it took to
implement that change was to point at the correct calendar.

The below graph shows no movement on 8/2 and 8/3 (weekend) If there would have been sales recorded on one of those days then the blue line would show a bump just like any other day, but the red line would not have changed. At first
I did not like this method of displaying, but since we occasionally do have weekend and holiday sales it has gradually grown on me.

Good demonstration - this was the other link for a more hands on approach rather than SQL.

Despite this you still need to have logged somewhere (you can do a custom calendar in Phocas) what days are work days etc.

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