Weekly Rep Targets

Hi There,
Has anyone been able to load weekly budgets in Phocas? My client wants different budgets against each rep for each week of the year. I have tried bringing into the designer with the week ending dates, but Phocas does not see the file as a Budget/Target.
Any help much appreciated.

Are the budgets different each week?

We have a monthly budget which we have a rough idea of a how much should be achieved each week - more at the beginning of the month, less at the end.

I supplied in our Sync an excel file giving the % per working day and Phocas then used my monthly budget and calculated a weighted daily amount to use in the stream.

That way once you have a daily budget you can use the normal date ranges to group to weekly or monthly or even yearly.

Hi Robert,

Have you loaded the file to a different stream (eg: Budget)?
If you are loading to the same stream as Actual, then Phocas won’t know it is a Budget/Target unless you:

  • have a dimension to indicate whether it is Actual or Budget/Target; Or
  • have different measure for Actual value and Budget Value.

The common practice is loading budget to different stream.

Budgets should always ideally be a separate stream and loaded as Actual so that bullet charts etc can compare Actual Sales vs Actual Budget.

You can have multiple versions of a budget in the same “Budget” stream, but you’d also then need to duplicate the Sales value in each of those equivalent fields on the Sales stream. This is what we’re doing shortly.

Hi Stuart,
Yes, the budgets are different each week for each individual rep. I think the idea of a daily budget stream might work for me in this case, but I will just split the required weekly budget equally over the week.
Thanks for the advice.

Hi there,
Yes, i have tried loading it in as a separate stream, but Phocas does not attempt to ‘unpivot’ it, so does not recognise it as a budget/target type file.

We do ours by Customer Bill-To and then the dimensions against each customer take care of the grouping up to Sales Rep.

Luckily for us our budgets are held in our ERP system as monthly budgets then Phocas built a routine to split it down to daily based on our assumptions.

Hi Guys,
Just an update on this one.
Creating a daily budget for the year, where each week budget supplied to us has been divided by 7 for each rep, has worked a treat, as the daily figures are summed up no matter what financial periods, Weeks, Months or Quarters are selected.
Common sense should have told me that earlier, but sometimes that goes out of the window when you are rushing to get a job done.
Thanks for all the advice.

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On ours we only applied a budget to a working day (M to F) as we don’t work weekends.

You can highlight a non-working day in your custom calendar.