Can't use Sales to Budget Analysis with another Dimension Filter

Firstly, I am fairly new to Phocas. I am attempting to utilize an uploaded budget into an existing sales stream, but I am unable to get it to work in the way that I intend.

Comparing the monthly sales by salesperson to the monthly budget goal has been pretty straightforward.

The issue occurs when I attempt to add an additional dimension from the sales stream. Our budget is split out into two separate parts of our business, so I want to compare the target goals with sales through a filter from the product dimension, but whenever I mark the proper filters and select the sales representatives the budget column displays then displays $0.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue? Does anyone have any tips, tricks, suggestions or workarounds to help?

I can clarify more as needed if this doesn’t paint a good enough picture, and I appreciate your help in advance!

Is your budget data broken down by product?

It is not, the budget data is broken down by sales rep and month. The filter we want to apply on is less granular than product, but we also don’t have specific targets for each of the filtered elements, just an overall budget goal for each sales rep within that broader category.

I’ve added images below referencing the desired outcomes and what is currently displaying.

So if I understand you correctly, you’re wanting the “Sales” column to show the sales filter down by some dimension (product code or something)

Then you want budget column to show either the total budget for the salesrep, or filter by some broader category (like product division or category). If that’s correct, and assuming you have your budget broken down by sales rep and that broader category, you should be able to do it in custom mode.

You don’t want to apply the filter to the overall query. You’ll want to do it to the individual measures in custom mode.

So, start with no filters, and switch to your Sales Rep dimension. Then go to custom mode. Add you two measures, one for “Sales” and one for “Budget”. Click on the button in the middle to specify the measure.

On the first tab, make sure the appropriate stream and measure is selected, and make sure the appropriate Period is selected on the 2nd tab. On the “Selections” tab, setup your filter. In my example, I’m filtering my “Sales” column for a specific Product Code:

Do the same thing for the “Budget” measure, but select the appropriate filter (if any) for your budget stream.

This should show your two measures, sales and budget, but each with their own, appropriate filter.

Hopefully this is close enough to what you wanted to help. Let me know if I miss-understood!


Still looking into applying this fix on a broader scale, but early indicators say that this is working.

To Recap - I had a need to apply a filter over one measure and not the other in Custom Mode.

The solution was to apply the filter not through the baseline grid view, but to apply the filter at a measure specific level within Custom Mode. This was possible by clicking through to the ‘Selections’ screen as shown above and applying the proper filter there.

Thanks so much @aaron.roma!