Mapping to a calculated measure (eg. budget margin to a calculated margin Measure


I do not believe I can archive what I would like, at the moment in Phocas, but just asking here before raising a product suggestion.

In a very common Sales DB we got Measures like Value (rev.) and Cost which is mapped columns. Based on these two, margin measures are calculated, basic stuff.

Then comes the budget. If the budget is done on the Margin-numbers, we cannot map the margin column to the calculated Measure. A workaround for a Sales DB like the above, would be to do the Budget-numbers in both Value/Rev. and Cost, and then let Phocas handle the Margin-measure like usual.
A bit cumbersome to do this tough.

Any ideas on how to overcome this?

In particular for other datasets than Sales, this “workaround” isn’t that simple.
Like a Project/Service dataset where we have some Avg. measures and the like, that are calculated Measure as for example “rev. from project hours / qty” giving an avg. value/hour.

Hi Hakio,

Does your budget only have a margin measure, or does it also have Value/Rev? If you have an additional variable used in the margin calculation available, you can write an expression solving for Rev and/or Cost in the table. Then the mapping to your Value and Cost measures would be the sales as your sales stream.



Another option would be to create a simple ‘Budget Margin’ measure from the budget stream. Just be careful how the budget is mapped to dimensions as Phocas will aggregate - more problematic if margin is expressed as a %.

Hope this helps.