Gauge chart doesn't work for Target % format

The gauge chart sits there perpetually loading (for hours at least) when the format is set to Target %
It doesn’t matter which dimensions or streams are selected, or even if it’s added to a dashboard, it just doesn’t load.
Does this happen to anyone else?

@Jordon could you consider using a bullet chart? They always present the ‘Target %’ data, even without choosing it form the dropdown menu. e.g.

@Tim.Leonard I have used the bullet chart and it’s great in the right context, but I’m looking to display one metric: how much of our budget have we achieved?
Showing 63% of budget achieved as -36% is not great.
Considering the data is there, why can’t the chart show it?

@Tim.Leonard is Target% really not supposed to work on gauge charts?
My MD is asking for a very simple dashboard and was specific in how he wanted this one thing to be displayed. The data is there, the option is available, as you showed, it can be calculated to be displayed in a bullet chat, logically, it should work in a gauge.

@Jordon I’ve logged this in our system as an improvement suggestion. Thank you for the feedback - much appreciated.