Bullet chart fit to axis issue



I have found that the bullet charts when having an extreme difference in value can cause the information to not appear on the widget like this:

Please can you make bullet charts have a bit of room at the top to allow the complete view of the percentages (fit to axis). If there are any workarounds in the interim I would welcome them as this is impacting our month end reporting process.




Hi @JonKemp. This issue has been logged and we’re currently scheduling a fix. There are a couple of issues with bullet charts which we plan to resolve together.


I have noticed a number of issues with bullet charts and have had a ticket outstanding for a little while now, am eagerly awaiting a fix on this. :smiley:


Happy to report the latest update has made bullet charts a lot better, but has broken a few other things I have support looking into now.

I especially like the changes to the gauge widget too, they are nice! :heart_eyes: