Bullet Chart - more space for labels or option to display legend

It would be great to allow more space for labels on the bullet chart and/or the option to display a legend.

Any examples or screenshots for what you’d like to see?

Hi Stuart,
Please see the example below.
On the left we have a column chart with up 10 characters displayed in the axis labels and a legend displayed. If we flipped it over to a bar chart (horizontal) it gives even more room for the labels (14 characters fit fine).
The bullet chart on the right has truncated the axis labels at 8 characters and there is no legend even though there is space for it. There is no option to flip horizontal to provide more space for the labels either.

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Great example. I’ve raised the issue of the axis labels not fitting on another thread and was advised to untick any unecessary properties - e.g. only have the Code selected will format the best

However, I think you probably will want more explanation in the legend, so maybe some more flexibitily here would be useful - maybe an axis / legend specific option would be possible.

Additionally i think the axis space should expand automatically to accomodate the longest label, or again maybe have an option to expand or not depending on the formatting requirements.

Bullet’s are new so maybe features like adding a legend are to come later or it was assumed to be obvious what the columns were?

Yes, it would be good to have auto expand or make the max visible characters configurable.

At the very least I’d like to see it consistent with the column chart.