Stacked Column Graph

Hi All,
Just using Phocas to create a column graph as a stacked type. Need some help with getting it to display similarly to one we use from our older reporting system.

Top 5 Brands

Dimension = Top 5 Brands
Period = Yesterday
Measures = Sales$, Profit$, Quantity#

I am having trouble getting the x-axis to stack by brand. The Phocas graph will only stack all brands by date. Can anyone assist me to acheive this result? Thanks in advance.

Hi gocallaghan, Welcome to the User Group :smile:

I just fought with the Graphing section of Phocas, trying to get something similar to your nice stacked bar chart to no avail!

One way I managed to get something similar, was to creat 5 seperate stack bars, and put them all on a dashboard, on the same line, side by side. This achieves Something, but it’s not perfect. Each individual chart set to the same colour scheme too.

Then I get something like this. The legends dissapear when the dashboard is small enough.

Sorry about the Black bars, I had to “Redact” my company data of course.

I agree with you that this type of multi-bar-stack would be a lots neater method as a new option in Phocas. Maybe you can post it into the New-Ideas secton? Unless anyone else can help us out?

Warm regards,


Hi Richard,
Thanks for the reply and the workaround, I might post that up as an idea as we do use that method to display data across several dimensions.