Monthly trend across years

Instead of showing a bar chart like this

How I do I create it show that I can see the monthly trends across years?


We created a “Transaction Month” Dimension which contains the month part of the transaction, date separate from the year to achieve something similar.

You can do a comparison against prior year using stream mode or do custom mode to have multiple years. Our year was April-March so we sequenced the month dimension that way.

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@wpratt have you tried using line chart in summary mode?
You will be able to see 2 years of monthly data in one view if you chose to do that.

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Thanks for that. I’ll do some digging to see if we can accomplish something similar.

That’s the rub. I want to see 3 years in a bar chart instead of 3 distinct lines. It’s weird that functionality that takes seconds to do in Excel appears to be too robust for Phocas.

@wpratt That’s an easy fix! By default Phocas shows you 25 lines on any chart. All you need to do is contact your account manager and it can be increased for you to almost unlimited amount of lines (3 years has 36 months so thats 36 lines. I suggest you ask for it to be increased to 50 and you will be able to display 3 years on a month by month basis on a single chart!). Alternatively you can email Phocas support ad they will also be able to assist you with that.

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I want to make sure I’m understanding. Will that help accomplish getting the chart into a bar format or still just a line chart?

@wpratt whatever kind of chart you decide to use. It will just increase it to whatever number you say to your account manager.