Monthly Comparison in a graph

I have a chart that shows the monthly variance of three products lines purchased by a customer. I have tried several ways to create a bar chart of this information, but I can’t get it right. It shows the three separate product lines, but only as one total for each with no comparison of the previous year. I cannot get it to show monthly. Is this possible? I am new, so perhaps it just isn’t possible. I would appreciate any insight that you can give me. Thanks!


If I am understanding correctly, I am fairly certain the previous comparison will only show in the “summary” view/dimension, but the problem here is it totals up all your dimension filters, it may be that you need to use custom mode to create the report you want and then go to graph view to see the result.

Yes, thank you, it is only showing in the summary mode. I will try to use the custom mode to see if I can do it that way. It just may not be possible. As I am new, I have a lot to learn yet. Thank you!