Cumulative on dimension?

Hi all,

Is there a way to produce a cumulative line chart split by dimension?

You can do cumulative at the summary level (overall) , however, when you change to view on a dimension, this is no longer present.
Example of issue
We want to see cumulative sales by top 10 customers, I cannot see a way of doing it. Period, Period variance modes do not have a cumulative column.

I suspect I need to add this to product suggestions, but wanted to check with everyone first.


@JonKemp - have you tried using the Summary to achieve this after focusing on your top 10 customers?

Hi Tom,

Summary mode would loose the customer dimension name, for us to see the top 10 cumulative on a chart.

I.e. this is what we want to see.

@JonKemp Have you thought about doing this in Custom mode? I just threw a quick test together real quick, and here’s the results:

I just used 6 months, but you could extend it out for the year. I used Custom mode to create each column, each one having a custom month period using offset dates. If you’re looking at the past 12 months, then the first column would be -12 to -12, the next would be -12 to -11, next -12 to -10 and so on. Of course you could use specific dates if wanted.

For the column names, you can use the {TDATE} variable to show the appropriate months. The only caveat to that, is you can’t simply have {TDATE} in each column, or you’ll get an error about duplicate column names. So I just added a number after each to make them unique. (Might be a better solution.) Here’s a screenshot of my custom mode setup:

What do you think?

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Hi @aaron.roma,

Thanks for the reply and the, excellent workaround. however, as much as I love the custom mode, on a dashboard we loose the ability to use the date criteria on the dashboard (unless I don’t know something?) . I.e. ideally the dashboard wants to use standard widget functionality and the user would select the dates that they wish to view. My biggest gripe with custom is the dates are relative (offset) to todays date, rather being able to be offset to the date range the user has defined on the dashboard,

Is there is a way to remove the “hard coding” of dates in custom to use the current/previous of the dashboard selection?.



Ah… you got me there. I tried! :smile:

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thanks @aaron.roma, that made me chuckle :smile: But none the less you have provided a valuable suggestion!

Added to Product Suggestions.