Cumulative values on dimension

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I raised this in tips and Tricks in Oct 18 here and looks like Phocas is unable to perform the following:

Can the grid/chart view have included an optional cumulative value based on dimension and period being used. This would need to be standard functionality without using custom mode (as this needs to be on a dashboard using the date range options)?

You can do cumulative at the summary level (overall) , however, when you change to view on a dimension, this is no longer present.
Example of issue
We want to see cumulative sales by top 10 customers. The user wants to select their own date ranges on the dashboard so both the cumulative amounts and associated data is of that Period range. Custom mode would not work as the date ranges are not variable to date range control within the dashboard. Here is an example of the output what we want:

Each line is the top 10 customers (restricted by widget) from the customer dimension and cumulatively adds each period. As mentioned this can be achieved manually using custom mode as @aaron.roma kindly pointed out on the above tips and trick post , it does not appear possible using standard functionality.

This would be a powerful addition to dashboards.



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Looking at it I’d agree - there is no option to make it cumulative like this.

My suggestion would be to make this an option in the type from a Grid setup perspecitve rather than making it a chart option as that gives the option for both a table or a chart.

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Absolutely, it all starts in the grid :slight_smile:

Hi @JonKemp I’ve logged this as a suggestion.

If it was an option on the grid, how do you suggest we display the data? An appended column after each period column? Or each period column would show a cumulative value?


A good question! I think the below formats should be used:
Period Mode:
Possibly a new “Period Cumulative” Mode:

The charts then can choose from either cumulative value or total. Which would result in the following line graph:

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That looks like a good way of displaying it @JonKemp. Thanks for your input.