Stream Year On Year sales Comparison

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I have a colleague who wants to show in the bar graph his sales increase year on year, Our Phocas shows in the new stream Mode (great idea by the way) that we can put the current year and now previous is it possible to add consecutive years to this so you can compare the stats & growth from current, previous, the year before & the year before that?


2018 2017 2016

I thought about adding a new stream however the date filter prevents a third date range from being entered I.E. only current and previous so it isn’t going to pick up the third lot of data.

Has anyone else been able to achieve something like this?


Couple of things that might work for you.

You could use a “Custom” time period, or add a user defined time period of the “Year” type. Then either set a starting or ending year (or use the offsets) to encompass the years you wish to see. Then use the “Period” mode, and it should break out the sales by period, which in this case each period is a year.

The other option would be to use “Custom” mode and add a measure column for each year you wish to see.

Does this help?

(Edit, adding screen shots)

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Hi There,

That sort of helps, we were using summary to view everything and not the customers or product. I’ve used summary and clicked the Dual Axis which I think might be the best fix.

Thanks for the input it has helped me & hopefully I can come up with a working resolution.


Hi @Robert. If you just want to see the total value per year then @aaron.roma’s solution is a good one. When on a dimension, you can use the “Use Total” option on a column chart to graph the total rather than each of the entities.