Dynamic date range in dashboard line graph

Looking for a way to set a date range which adapts to either calendar year or financial year.

Graph i’m working with is a line graph which graphs the revenue over a 12 month period.

When setting the graph to look at “Current Year” it will look from January - December of the current year; however, there are some of my customers who work on calendar year (July to June).

I am looking for a solution which will reference the date provided on the dashboard selection for the date range of the line graph? I don’t think offset will work in this instance as it will be graphing -12months and -24months for variance, instead of January to current for Current year.

Look forward to hearing your suggestions.



Never mind - After playing some more it appears that setting it to “Current Year” will set it to show all months which have passed if setting the dashboard date pre the current year or if it’s set to the current year it will display MTD information on the linegraph.