Chart tool tips dates


I had a request from a user. The current line chart structure is based off the grid. Which is fine, however when the user hovers over the previous line, the tool tip is confusing for them:
The above is highlighting the previous line, which in this case is Dec 2017, but the tool tip reports Dec 2018 Previous. Which from a training perspective could be explained. However, considering the previous date range can be what ever we want it to be 3 months ago, yesterday, last month etc. The user can be forgiven for not knowing the previous period. Would it be possible to have the charts show the date of “Dec 2017” as opposed to “Dec 2018 Previous”, ?


Jon Kemp

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Hi @JonKemp. This is a common suggestion. As you’ve mentioned, we currently address this in training. However I agree, it would improve the usability of the charts if we addressed it which would reduce the need for training. I’ve logged the suggestion and will need to discuss with our technical leads as to an approach.