Graph Frustrations - any tips?

Hi, I have a custom report which shows each week’s total orders for a particular brand compared to the same week the year before. I would really like to show this in either a column graph or a line graph to map the performance of the brand side by side for the comparable weeks.

Whilst I can get the data it will not convert into a graph - it just gives me a blank screen.

Any help much appreciated!

Hi @ShirleyFVG,
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You say you are working with a period of a week. I am not so familiar with working with weeks but if you have your custom columns showing data okay, it is unusual for the chart not to work. Could you pop in a screenshot of the Custom designer screen, which should show you have setup your columns, so I can try and replicate it?

From what you’re saying, I have tried some things, and have seemingly hit a new bug.
If I define a custom column in the mode “Custom (Days)” and select a date range back in time beyond May into April or further, I get no data. Odd. I have data showing if I have a date range of this month (May).

But to get no chart, a view of your custom screen would be very helpful.

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Yeah, could do with a screenshot, I’ve created what seems to be the same in mine and it works fine.

Thank you both!
Screenshot below - perhaps it is because I have modified a report that was originally showing the variances as well?
I am just trying to get the total order values side by side, week by week and not so interested in the difference so I removed those columns.

Very strange, I’d recommend starting again and just picking the normal period report. This should automatically pull in the Previous Period (you can modify this to make sure it’s last years in the Period option).

Mine comes up as this:

and works fine in graph mode.

Thanks for trying Stuart! I think I will start again!

@richj you won’t be seeing values for days earlier than 31 days ago unless they have been included for summarisation in the database design. See for more information.

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Ah okie dokie, thanks Will :smiley:

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