Defining Period in Custom Mode?

Is there a way to specify Periods when working in custom mode? I have a custom report setup that cycles each month. In the even the report is missed I have to go into each variable and adjust manually to the month I need. This take a lot of time.

Why can’t the variables use the period I select (or allow the period to override what is set for the variables in calculations)?

All the same functions for offset are available in Custom mode as far as I know.

Is it a non-standard period you’re looking to get?

@jderosa I think I asked something similar to this at one point, not sure exactly regarding what. From my understanding, the Measures, Stream, and Period areas on a favorite are grayed-out when using Custom Mode, since each column defines these pieces of information separately. In a sense, defining a Period across multiple Custom columns would defeat the purpose of the Period within each custom column. The purpose of Custom Mode being that each column is able to stand alone as a completely separate piece of information.

Do you have the report send on a subscription each month? That way, at least you would have the data in an Excel sheet from each prior month.

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@tim.janes to you point. I understand the reasoning behind it. I think that I tend to get a little too complex or ahead of the apex where features may develop. It would be nice that each column can sit on its own. What would be better is if you could define what columns could be defined and filterable by another variable… date period.

I do not have the report setup as a subscription. The issue I ran into that brought this up is I found a bug in Phocas where our GL postings did not come over from 12/31… so when I ran the report late January… for my December report I couldn’t get support to fix it in time… so even if I did have it in excel. The data was wrong.

My wanting to change certain calculation dates dynamically would have helped instead of having to input manual dates for all my formulas - that takes forever when you have to do it (even though its not often).

I will setup a subscription to help. Thanks for that tip.

I use offsets in some reports… my concern was being able to define a custom date or range… based on another input. I would almost need to show the support team on a webex call what i mean because it could really make reports even more editable and dynamic.

No worries, do share any progress as I think we’d all be interested in any additional flexibility.

Are you thinking of a period that changes on the back of a specific property or event? Such as within a CASE WHEN?

Or being able to enter a date range in one line and have it trickle through to the rest? It’s just dawned on me that this might be what you mean. I used to do similar in old Access reports, all filters refered to one set of data input.

This would certainly be a benefit.

In the short term, if you have a report and worry you might miss one, just set the report to email you a copy through the subscription each month. Set a rule in Outlook to file this report somewhere you’ll always find it.

Here’s an idea for Phocas to fix the point I believe you’re referring to:

In the Custom mode, when you click + to add Calculation, Measure or Variance.


Why not have a 4th option for Base Period

This could be used to set a date that is different to today for any Offsets in the report to use.

By default it would be Today / This Month / This Year.

However you could then set this to a specific Day / Month / Year so that the offsets use that as the base date and then -x days / months / years in their calculations.