Mixed Custom Periods

Would it be possible to implement the ability to mix custom periods? For example, we often want to compare “month to date” versus “last year month to date” but I have not found a clean way to handle this aside from manually adjusting the start date of defined periods at the start of the next period.

The ability to choose a start date from one custom period(with offsets) and an end date from a different custom period (with offsets) would give a great opportunity to track trends more closely.

Hi @brainer ,

I raised this a while ago, custom mode gives you this control but when changing dates causes it to go wrong. We can see the vision of Phocas when looking at Financial statements as this does provide more date controls like your request. It works well there due to the strict column structure of P&L’s. It becomes a minefield when using a standard DB such as Sales or supply chain as they are all different. I did raise this here as a means of controlling data better: Parent & Child Period Ranges - Current Month Issue - #7 by jimmueller

Very wordy, but basically if we could introduce variables into dashboards we can use customer to offset each column based off a single date which would fit in your request. Also this would then open up what-if scenario dashboards (what if there is a 5% increase in sales).

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