Dashboard Periods with Custom Mode

It would be an excellent basic feature/enhancement if Dashboard Periods would update Custom Mode: Custom Calculations when the calculations period is set to ‘Default’.

There has been some work on this already. When in custom mode you now have a checkbox on the designer which allows you to have the default date change. However, you cannot mix date ranges. For example this will not work if you have:

  • Current month
  • FYTD

However, if you have this configuration it will work:

  • Current Month
  • Prior Month (using same period type but on “Previous”)

Here is the view in the designer:

This is a step in the right direction but cannot handle differing period types as it would get confused.

I raised the opportunity for variables to be introduced in Custom mode which could then handle this in dashboards. I believe this is the next logical step in dashboard design as this would handle what if scenarios and produce more complex reporting requirements back in 2019 (warning gets very nerdy):