Weird Issue Changing Period in Custom Mode

Had a user contact me today with an odd issue with changing dates in Custom mode. I have taken a look at it, but can’t for the life of me figure it out, short of it being some sort of bug. So this user has a query on a dashboard. This particular query is in Custom mode, with several measures and several variances. The individual measures and the measures used in the variances are all set to custom periods. (In this case, a monthly period.) You can go in and change the period on the individual measures. However, you cannot change the period on the variance. You can edit them, and change the period, however it will not save. It always reverts back the previously set period. See the screenshots attached for an example. Any thoughts?


Hi just back off holiday and saw this. Did you get this resolved?

I had something simlair where the relative offset every month kept adding 1 to it. I.e. offset of -1 in January became -2 in Feburary, it was like it was locked on that period. I removed the the variance calc. Clicked Save and then back in re-added it and started to work.

It happened during one of the Monthly Phocas updates last year regarding dashboard optimisations and required me to remove the calc and re-add it back in.

Any idea what the default period was when you built the report?

I wonder if it’s picking this up?

@JonKemp I had tried to recreate the issue with a new favorite, and could not. So I’ll bet removing that calculation and re-adding would work. I think the user was going to just recreate the favorite from scratch.

@StuartH Not sure. It was build by another user. That’s a good question, could be something like that.

I mention it as I’ve had issues this last week with migrating between databases and renamed or deleted periods.

When the reports were moved across even though the period had nothing to do with the report as it was in the XML header of the report it failed.

Just makes me think if there is something odd like that restricting the change.