Grouping measures and Period Disabled under Custom Mode

Hi All,
Could you please tell me whether you have the same situation and how you tackle this?
I use the Custom Mode to re-arrange the Columns order and after that, the period is disabled.
If I’d like to change the period, I need to switch to other modes and the Columns order will get messy again. It seems not user friendly.


Hi Mike,

I think this is because each column in Custom Mode has its own defined Period which you choose as you edit the custom column. It looks like you have defined quarters for each column in your report, which means each single column built is pulling the dates that you define for those quarters, whether hard-coded or moving. So, technically, each column is referring to a different Period, which is why I think they gray out the overall Period option on the main screen of the favorite.



I assume the reason you’re doing this in Custom mode is to group all the sales figures together, and margin figures together etc, instead of it grouping Sales, Margin and Margin Percent together for each period?