Setting up a pivot view report?

Hi all, we have recently started using Phocas reporting, moving onto this system after previously using BI 4 Cloud.
I am hoping someone can assist me with setting up a pivot report for periods of time that I will specify when setting the report up.
Basically I want to set up a report with one measure on the vertical axis and a separate measure on the horizontal axis with the appropriate data showing in the cell where the measures intersect.
For example, having sales data for last month with the customer name on the vertical axis, the item code on the horizontal axis, and then the sales by customer by item in the relevant field in the port.

To get this in the grid, go to your items and select all by clicking the top left corner of the grid.

You’ll notice the Matrix button is now able to be selected (left hand side near the reset etc)

Click it then change the dimension to Customer.

Thanks for that Stuart.
That has given me the knowledge know to get the data in the format I need.


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