PDF Export Formating


Ok, I’m probably certain most people export Phocas reports to Excel.

However on the odd occasion that a fixed PDF report is required (maybe for auditors etc) the formating is fairly basic.

How do I make my colums/rows fit to a single page and are there (or could there be), Headers, Titles, Date Created tag etc?


Instead of choosing Export, you can choose the “Print” icon (just above export). The data will then display on the page, then right click, choose Print, then at the Destination of the Print dialogue, choose “Save to PDF” in Chrome or “Microsoft Print To PDF” in any other browser.


Hi @StuartH & @shwu.hua,

I am hot on @StuartH heels with subscriptions and exporting, so would like to know, if on a PDF subscription basis does the PDF option work or does it have the same formatting issues?




Thanks for your suggestions. Thanks also @shwu.hua for your print-to-PDF idea. Improvements to PDF exports are not on our immediate roadmap but have been logged in our system for potential future consideration.

@StuartH you are correct -the vast majority of subscriptions and exports from Phocas are not in PDF format. There are also some great features in financial statement exports like expand/contract and formulas for totals which wouldn’t work in a PDF, but work really well in Excel.

@JonKemp the PDF subscription is the same as a PDF export.