Excel export -subtotals & consolidated financial statements

In order to issue profit & loss statements to all of our users, we export them to Excel. We’ve had to create a very complicated macro to run after we export to get in the format we want. Phocas has made many great improvements to the financial database and the ability to customize financial statements. One our biggest issues is when we export profit & loss statements, all of the subtotals appear at the top of each group. When viewing in Phocas, it is at the bottom of the group which is where it should be when a person is reading/reviewing financial statements. Is there anything in the works to address this or is there something I’m missing that could correct this now? Also, anything in the works for exporting consolidated financial statements that do not list every account for every cost center but instead a total for “office supplies” for all cost centers. Thank you.

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Hi Kris
Thanks for these suggestions. Our export functionality is currently being worked on. Both of these suggestions will be in the product early next year.

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