Exporting Nested Mode and Keep Subtotals

One thing I think would be really useful is keeping the groupings and subtotals when you export it to excel. When you export to excel, it gets rid of the groupings and you get all the detail instead with no subtotals. This is also useful in its own right. So maybe two options…1. Export in detail 2. Export and maintain groupings and subtotals.

Otherwise, you end up exporting it, just to turn around and have to create a pivot table on it. Which is quick, but the end goal is to just have the data ready with no additional manipulation.

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Hi @dkrzys ,

Been discussed quite a bit this one :frowning: I have been talking with the Phocas Dev team and trying to get this available as its standard in Financial statements. Please see this topic Grid nesting Totals & stay at top , it covers a lot of ground regarding subtotals.



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