Financial Statements - Export multiple favourites into 1 excel file

A time saving suggestion!

For the creation of monthly management accounts for sharing across the business (outside of those with Phocas access), and to meet the requirements of maintaining accounting records for 7 years, we must create an excel file that is then permanently saved on our network.

Currently this is a very manual task, opening and exporting up to 13 favourite reports, before copying and renaming tabs to create a single excel file that we then consider to be the management accounts. Even for more simple businesses there would always be a minimum of 2 tabs, one for the Balance Sheet and one for the P&L each month.

The ability to select multiple reports and export them into 1 excel would be a significant time saving.




My name is Nick Collett, I am the Product Manager for Financial Statements. This is a great suggestion. I will look to incorporate this into exports. We are working on a number of export enhancements in the coming months.


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